Rates, Terms & Conditions

electrician rates

estimates & quotations

My policy is to be as transparent as possible about my rates.

I research local rates, mine are below the average qualified electrician rates in the area.

There are many electrical contractors in London, most don't publish their prices!

Estimates for larger jobs are free with no obligation.

I will usually provide a written estimate for larger works unless impractical (fault finding etc). Estimates take account of reasonably foreseeable circumstances. Should I come across any issues that will increase the cost of the works I will always consult with you before proceeding. (Full details in my Terms & Conditions)


I use a range of trade suppliers and get very favourable prices. I only charge materials at my cost therefore passing on all savings to you the customer. I have no problem using supplied materials as long as they comply with the required standard. I make no charge for collecting and handling materials and pass on all reciepts for major items to you the customer.

rates electrical works:

My minimum charge is 1 hour at £40/hour. (There is no charge for quotes and advice.)

General works:

I have a standard hour, day and week rate

£40 per hour

£280 per day (8 unbroken hours)

£1300 per week (5 unbroken days)


These are core rates.

Most work taking more than a few hours would be carried out at a quoted rate.


Electrical Installation Condition Reports

(used to be called Periodic Inspection Reports):

£120 (max 5 circuits now 10 circuits! and 2 floors)

£20 for each extra circuit and/or floor


These prices assume that all circuits are clearly marked. If I need to map the installation extra charges may be incurred.


Visual Inspection Report

£40 including labour and written report.


Please Note:

I don't charge premium rates for out of hours works. I can work most evenings and weekends by arrangement if that would be more convenient.


Everything is negotiable, please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your requirements.