Outdoor Lighting & Power

garden lights, pond pumps, power to sheds and outbuildings

Nothing enhances a garden more than a bit of power and light ! (except trees, shrubs, grass, flowers and and ..) Seriously thou' there are good reasons for adding power and lighting to your garden and outside areas.

You may want some extra security, lighting activated by motion sensors (PIR) can go a long way to disuading a burglar. There are now a massive range of lighting fittings from powerful flood lights to energy eficient (and colorful) LED lighting. 

You may want to consider convenient and safe waterproof and RCD protected outdoor sockets to run your outdoor equipment such as lawnmowers and pressure washers. 

Keen gardeners may want to heat that green house or what about running a power supply to your shed or summer house? 

I can also install pond pumps and lighting to keep your Koi carp happy!

Please give me a call to discuss.